We developed the World’s Best Wax car-care line

We developed the World’s Best Wax car-care line 15 years ago simply because we had tried practically everything out there and knew we could develop a better product that took less time to apply and gave your car’s surface a concours (show car) finish.

Our genuine purpose for developing World’s Best Wax car-care line is to deliver to every car enthusiast the most perfect all-natural blend of carnauba wax and essential oils that protects and beautifies your car’s finish. All-natural because your car’s paint is in a way like your skin. Just like your skin needs to be cleaned and moisturized, your paint surface needs and deserves the proper elements for it to continue looking the way you want. World’s Best delivers exactly what automotive paint experts prescribe for there own cars.








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25 years of professional automotive detailing experience

With 25 years of professional automotive detailing experience, we’ve learned what’s good for your car’s finish and what’s not! As any paint shop will tell you, silicone and polymers are a bad match for your paint. It may look good initially, but over time those 2 components are bad news for your paint’s finish.

Some products give you nice results, but are very difficult to apply or remove. Some give you a formula that you have to mix. In some cases, you need hours before going to the next step of your procedure. This is all too time-consuming. Sometimes, even after all that time spent you end up with an oily haze or swirling…..and you wonder why most car owners don’t bother waxing at all, or why they just pick up the cheap store bought car waxes!



We’re sure that if you are currently waxing your own car, you know that there are a lot of waxes and polishes out there that claim to be the best.

The World’s Best Wax name was chosen because after taking everything into consideration, we sincerely feel that these products deserve the title…….and because there are so many car-care products out there, we chose the name because if you really care for your car, its unlikely that you’d want to forget us.

We are so confident that you’ll love using our car-care line, that we’ll offer you a money-back guarantee on your first purchase of any of our World’s Best Wax products.


It’s difficult to put into words the passion you feel and the perfection you seek for the appearance of your own vehicle. It’s with this pursuit of perfection in mind that the people at World’s Best Wax have developed an exclusive line of high quality all natural car-care products.

Our entire product line had been tested and scrutinized by the most critical of individuals, as all of our products have been used in high-end auto detail shops for almost a decade. The purity and integrity of high concentration carnauba waxes and other all-natural ingredients allow for the most perfect of concours or show finish results, whether you are an avid car collector and aficionado or simply a casual weekend lover of your car.

We have helped beautiful cars stay looking beautiful and are extremely proud of every vehicle that we have caressed with our fine line. We guarantee that you will be proud of your beauty as well.

Fortunately, our entire line of products is now available to you the individual car lover, to be used at your own leisure.


Frank Duarte

Developer and Owner of World’s Best Wax Corp.